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Web Site Design Services

Many diverse elements go into the creation of an effective web site presence...when you contact us, we'll help you to determine which of the many features available would be most appropriate for the construction of your site, including...


    We specialize in setup and management for Google AdWords and "pay-per-click" services to attract traffic to your web site. These are the "sponsored links" which appear opposite regular search engine query results...this advertising is advantageous in that it is targeted to web users who already are interested in your product or service.

    Google AdWords and "pay-per-click" services are the cutting edge of effective online marketing...savvy online businesses gain an edge on their competition by expanding their website visibility using these services. If you are ready to begin, contact us today and let us put our knowledge to work for you!


    You can include photographs, logos, backgrounds, special fonts, drawings, etc. to make your site more visually appealing to your visitors. In adding graphics to a web page, it is important that those images load quickly without noticeable deterioration in quality. As artists with 25 years design and layout experience, we use sophisticated graphic software such as Photoshop and Fireworks to keep all your web images sharp, colorful, and quick loading.


    The attention span of people who use the web has been carefully studied, and it is SHORT - your users do not want too much text. Your information must be presented concisely, with proper grammar and spelling, and must be intuitively located so it can be promptly retrieved. We provide your site with literate editing for your newsletters, newspapers and content copy. Should your web site require presentation of an extensive collection of text documents, we recommend using our Acrobat PDF file conversion service, whereby your visitors can easily print the PDF files as they were originally formatted.


    One of the first things a business or organization needs is its own domain name (i.e. - this is your address on the web. Annual domain name fees range from $10-$35. It is generally a good idea to secure you own domain name when you go online, as it allows you the flexibility to switch ISP's at will if necessary and yet keep your same address. Having your own domain name then requires your site to be hosted at an Internet Service Provider (ISP) at approximately $6-$40 per month. If you prefer, we can make all arrangements for you with the domain name registration process and in setting up an ISP account.


    The 2003 HIPAA Privacy rule establishes standards to protect patient confidentiality of health information maintained or transmitted electronically in connection with certain administrative & financial transactions.

    The HIPAA Security rule adopts standards for the security of electronic protected health information that is collected, maintained, used or transmitted electronically. These standards require measures to be taken to secure this information while in the custody of entities covered by HIPAA (covered entities) as well as in transit between covered entities and from covered entities to others.

    We can assist your business in complying with current HIPAA regulations through setup of secure email and document exchange.


    This is overwhelmingly the fastest growing part of the Internet. There are a number of ways a business can incorporate e-commerce into a site: for example, there are a variety of software programs available which make it easy for a customer to gather products into a "shopping cart", then type their credit card number into a form so it can be securely transmitted to you (using encryption software) for order fulfillment; or, you can simply provide all your contact information online so the customer can contact you by e-mail, phone or in person.


    Our extensive knowledge of the current workings of search engines ensures that your website has the proper coding and design for optimal search engine rankings. We can also assist with setting up "pay-per-click" services, such as Google AdWords and Overture.


    As mentioned above, order forms can allow for either the encrypted transmission of information, or, forms can be included which simply send you this information via unencrypted e-mail. If you want to encourage people to use their credit cards online, however, then it is to everyone's benefit for this information to be secure.


    Javascripts allow your site to have more interactive, dynamic content for your visitors to enjoy, and allow for visually interesting page enhancements. These would include mouse rollovers, slide shows, pop-up info windows, easy bookmark buttons, pull down menus, typing marquees, and much more - all of which increase the aesthetics and friendliness of web pages.


    Blogging is a terrific way to share ideas and create community. We can set up blogs for individuals or groups, using Google's "Blogger", WordPress or comparable software. Once online, a blog can easily be maintained through your browser, no need to learn html code!


    Recent advancements in compression technology and more efficient use of bandwidth is making digital audio much more prevalent on the web. For example, you now have the option to verbally describe your products or services, play background music, add sound effects, etc. If you are a musician, sound clips from your CD or audio tape source can be included on your website to be played in real-time with both Netscape and Explorer browsers.


    We design Flash website introductions and page elements...these are particularly effective for tastefully showcasing your message and adding interactivity to a web site.

    Simple animations download reasonably quickly and make your website more visually appealing and fun to visit. Animated banners, appropriate animated text and interactive slideshows can all enhance the entertainment value of your site and direct attention to your message.


    ADA section 508 Accessibility compliance is currently mandated for government websites, providing access to the tens of thousands of people who regularly use the World Wide Web who have either a visual or auditory disability. If you have a web site funded by governmental sources, or if you are a manager for an organization or business which is utilized by individuals with disabilities, then we can make your site compliant with the guidelines established by the National Center for Accessible Media.


    PDF is an excellent way to archive extensive text material. PDF files allow for scan or HTML conversion of your existing and legacy print materials (ie. forms or newsletters) to then be uploaded and viewed on the Web by free Acrobat Reader software. The graphics and page layout of the original are retained, and PDFs can be printed out by any printer. PDF pages of large file size may be a bit slow to load but are beneficial if you have detailed text content you would like your clientele to be able to print out.


    Is your website "not working for you"? There is a reason for this: All websites are NOT created equal! "Out of the box" amateur web sites are quickly constructed, but just as quickly prove their incompetence, when your web site languishes, ignored in cyberspace. A lot goes on "under the hood" - professional structure, navigation and graphics which are readily seen, as well as professional coding which isn't seen, can make an amazing difference in the effectiveness of your web site! As professionals, we do it RIGHT and ensure that your site is properly constructed and effectively conveys your message. Give us a call if you think your site is ready for a makeover.


    We work with you to create banner ads with eye-catching graphics and text...static or animated, banners can effectively direct attention to your message.


    For larger web sites, or those with varied content, an intra-site search engine allows the visitor to quickly find an item by entering a search word query into a search box on the home page. The search engine indexes only the pages on your site, and returns results of instances of pertinent content on a list, so the viewer can easily link to the desired item.


    Don't make the mistake of putting up a web site and then forgetting about it. For a web site to be truly successful, it MUST be kept current and fresh looking. That means updating with state of the art visuals and current text content. One of the many services we provide is taking care of your web site maintenance and revisions for you on an "as needed" basis - by outsourcing this work to us, you and your staff are free to focus on your own professional activities without the need to learn code or buy software, and you'll be guaranteed the dependable top quality work which Cyberfirms Web Development brings to every client project.


    Many companies, organizations, civic groups and governmental agencies are finding it extremely useful to have on-site training in which their staff is instructed about the use of the Internet, and how to create and maintain a web site. Our flexible, thorough presentations, which have been attended by hundreds of satisfied participants, can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Give us a call if you'd like our consulting services for a WWW workshop, seminar or to arrange for personal on-site training at your locale.

If you are ready to do business online, but are not sure where or how to begin, contact us!

"Competitive Excellence in Web Technology"

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